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Writing for photographers

     I'm frequently impressed with the striking and important photographic work you professional photographers do working  around the world. 
     And since I didn't shoot those great photographs that you shot, I at least itch to write about them.
     As I encounter some of you colleagues while on assignment somewhere (like Monument Valley photo safari), or I check  photography sites, like those listed on my own photo links page, and view your reportage, documentary, photo essays, wildlife and other kinds of photographic work, I wonder why your projects don't get even more public exposure than they do already.
     After all, they're so impressive, or they are so important or both.
     I often think your photographs could get more exposure by illustrating a magazine article, be expanded into a book, or perhaps you and your photographic work should be highlighted within the pages of a  photographic magazine. 
     And I am interested in considering projects like these and pitching them to editors I work with.
    Some of  you photographers are also excellent writers. But time constraints don't always allow you to link the photographs you take to expanded writing projects, and that's where we might collaborate.
     I'm interested in hearing serious proposals for collaboration involving your photography and my writing. You can e-mail me at

Best regards,

Pat Christian

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