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     Here's just a partial list of films shot in Utah.....Benji: Off the Leash!, Benji Returns, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, Crow IV: Wicked Prayer, Down and Derby, Halloween, Halloweentown III: Halloween High,  National Treasure,  Piggy Banks, Saints and Soldiers, Sons of Provo,  Josh and Sam (Castlerock), City Slickers II (Castlerock), Geronimo (Columbia), Rocket Man (Disney), Indiana Jones, Thelma and Louise, Planet of t he Apes, Forest Gump, Saints and Soldiers, Con Express, The Core, Chill Factor, The Stand,  Mullholand Falls (MGM), Species (MGM), Martian Law (Martian Law Productions), Pontiac Moon (Paramount), Con Air (Touchstone), Larger than Life (United Artist), This Boy's Life (Warner Brothers), Sunchaser (Warner Brothers), Independence Day (20th Century Fox), Dumb & Dumber, Chill Factor (Morgan Creek), Footloose, Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid, Windtalkers, Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure (Scenes involving sled dogs were shot in Utah because non-native species are now forbidden in Antarctica.)

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     San Francisco-born writer, photographer, and actor Pat Christian currently resides near Sundance, Utah, specializing in creative projects in the Beehive State and San Francisco where he frequently travels for his professional undertakings.  See some of his published writing and photographic projects and other information at
      In addition he is now focusing on professional photography for the arts and entertainment business, and film location scouting under the name  Click here to see samples of Pat Christian's showbiz and celebrity photography.
     He also works as an on-call stagehand and technician for Local 99,  International Alliance of  Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States and Canada.
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What's New...
     These past couple of season, I have helped set up the scenery for Les Miserables and worked at the Utah Opera warehouse, Capitol Theatre (Les Miserables) and Kingsbury Hall (Seusical), Ballet West and worked the Sundance Film Festival.
     Among the concerts I have helped set up recently  are, Sarah McLaughlin, Yani, Counting Crows, Scorpions, Hootie & The Blowfish, Yellowcard, Avril Lavigne
and others.