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THE PHARMACIST MAGAZINE,  Teacher Trades Grades For Drugs.
UTAH VALLEY MAGAZINE, article about 427 Cobra . NEW YORK TIMES, Tom Green polygamy trial, PETERSON'S PHOTOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE , article and photos on Nishika 3-D camera .  GROWING PAINS, THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF UTAH VALLEY,  two essays, "Crime and punishment a growing concern," and, "Unlike rest of natioin, Utah crime is rising.   USA TODAY, article and photo of National Guard border-to-border bikeathon..  HANSEN MOUNTAINEERING brochure, girl rock climbing.  USA TODAY , article and photos of youngest delegate to national GOP convention. THE LION MAGAZINE, Lion's Club vision mission to Durango, Mexico. EPINIONS, review of Handspring PDA .  NATIONAL INQUIRER, reasearch, photo copy and story material on Roseanne Barr.   GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE, photos of brother and sister trek to Mt. Timpanogos where their father had died in B-25 crash. OFF DUTY MAGAZINE, article and photo of National Guard border-to-border bikeathon.  SPORTS GUIDE, article and photos of  father and son bicycle ride from Utah to California.  NATIONAL GUARDSMAN MAGAZINE , story and photos to of Utah Air National Guard refueling A-7s in Puerto Rico.  INTERMOUNTAIN CONTRACTOR , photos and story of Cross Marine working on Hoover Dam.   VIETNAM COMBAT MAGAZINE , photo of radio man and helicopters.  SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, photo used in ad for Time Life Magazine series on Vietnam.   TIME MAGAZINE , story about Mormon leaders protesting MX missile.  UTAH HOLIDAY MAGAZINE , photos of filming of Executioner's Song.   MOUNTAIN WEST MAGAZINE, story and color photo of world record hot air balloon skydive.  GRIT , article and photos on a centennial year dime that was found in Provo.   UTAH TIE-LINE , story and photo students using phone in education.  THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, story on Pam Sterman fighting for life after bicycle accident.   MOUNTAIN GAZETTE MAGAZINE, story and photos. UTAH MOTEL TRAVEL GUIDE, photos of Utah outdoors. , photos of Utah outdoors WORLD RADIO, story about ham radio operators preparing for a major earthquake.   RACE BOAT AND INDUSTRY NEWS, story and photos of boat race at Utah Lake.  GRIT (national weekly), story and photos about Centennial year dime discovered.   THE DAILY HERALD,  frequent stories as and occassional photography.  , Brigham Young University yearbook, frequent photography as Photo editor. WYE MAGAZINE, Brigham Young University literary magazine, photo essays of Vietnam and poetry.  THE DAILY UNIVERSE, daily photography as head photographer.  DAILY UNIVERSE, story on Rev. Bob and story about my first parachute jump. FIRST TEAM, THE MEMOIRS OF THE FIRST CAVALRY DIVISION, 294 pages, photos, (view it) ; THE DAILY REVIEW, Hayward, Calif., story and photos about air mobile tactics of First Cavalry Division in Vietnam.  SACRAMENTO BEE, story and photos about First Cavalry Division in Vietnam. U.S. WORLD AND NEWS REPORT, photo of medic aiding fallen comrade under fire.  SACRAMENTO BEE , story and photos about Red Cross volunteer from Sacramento working in Central Highlands of Vietnam., internal newsroom publication at San Francisco Chronicle. THE OVERSEAS WEEKLY , story and photos about soldier wanted for desertion but actually serving in military in Vietnam.   STARS AND STRIPES , frequent articles as combat correspondent for Army press corps.  CAVALIER (First Cavalry Division weekly), weekly articles and photographs.   THE REPORTER (military weekly), Vietnam, frequent articles and photos.  ARMY TIMES,  several articles and photos.  RANGER (Fourth Infantry Division weekly), Fort Lewis, Wash., weekly articles and photos.  PANORAMA (Fort Ord weekly), Fort Ord, Calif., weekly articles and photos.   SACRAMENTO BEE, book review: South Fast Pacific Crisis, by Margaret Grant, book review:  The Negro Politician, by Edward T. Clayton; book review:  Children  for Adoption by Pearl Buck.  , Story filed from Los Angeles of Model United Nations conference.  THE INKLING, Washington High School literary publication,  poetry.   BARNARD HI-LITES,   Barnard Junior High School, Editor in Chief and frequent articles.


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