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    Professional: "To do great work a man must be very idle as well as very industrious." Samuel  Butler

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     A s a child in San Francisco where I was born and lived for years, I had a pet monkey.
     I daydreamed in public school.
     I started writing, and it became a road to self discovery, leading me many places both in my imagination and around our world.
     How lucky I am now to write and photograph and 
make a living at it. 
   I've lived in Hong Kong, Japan, Sacramento and Vietnam and  now work out of a home in the Rocky Mountains.
   I look out the window from my home office inspired by 11,750-foot Mt. Timpanogos as sun, weather and seasons frequently change the view.  Work and travel have taken me to Asia, South America and Europe chronicling people, places, and events.

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     Renewal: "Leisure is only possible to a man who is at one with himself and also with the world." Piper

     Sometimes sitting at my desk my work and the view out the window collide. I grab my bike or skis and take off toward the mountains that I see above me or take off for a run on a mountain or swim. 
     I go to concerts dabble at my hobby of collecting old photographs and antique stereo cards. My wife and I also collect penguins (not real ones) and go to yard sales. Or I waste time (It really isn't a waste of time.) on the Internet .


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