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Doug Miller's outdoor television show (Salt Lake City CBS) takes him to many places.  This time he's climbing toward a wintry bivoac near the summit of 11,749-foot Mt.Timpanosgos to do a story about Utahns training to climb Mt. Everest. I was there a few days in the tent myself to write a story and photograph the high training. My good friend and outdoor buddy, Doug Hansen was leading the Mt. Everest Expedition. Among other things, Doug's company provides outdoor wilderness doubles for the film industry, including himself. He was the brave monk in the Pizza Hut commercial.  He's credits as a location manager include: "Mountain dew", Walker Texas Ranger", "Dead Ringer", Pizza Hut". His company also has credits as medical technician include: Pizza Hut commercial, "Dead Ringer", "Walker Texas Ranger", "Rescue 911." Special effects credits include: "Rescue 911","Dead Ringer", Walker Texas Ranger". Commercials "Lipovitan-D", "Mountain Dew", "Pizza Hut."


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